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In Houston, there were 6,469 truck accidents in the previous year. Despite the fact that this is a small amount in contrast to other cities, it is nevertheless frightening.

A Houston truck accident lawyer can help you understand your rights and how to defend them if you've been in a truck accident. Their maneuverability is hampered by their great size. You may be exposed to a possible threat if you combine this with the irresponsible and negligent activities of truck companies and drivers. There are a number of personal injury law companies in Houston that are ready to take on your case. Truck accidents can be particularly deadly due to their massive size and weight. If you are in a truck accident, you should call an experienced truck accident lawyer right away so that they can gather all of the evidence and begin the process of bringing you justice. Throughout the treatment, they will work closely with you.

Table of content

Legal firms and lawyers in Houston

Do I need a lawyer for a truck accident?

How much is a truck accident case worth?

Investigation and evidence

Common causes of truck accidents in Houston

Forms of compensation

How do I know if I have a valid truck accident case?

Legal firms and lawyers for truck accidents in Houston 

Both the courts and the legislation in Houston are highly mindful of truck accidents; nonetheless, you must be accompanied by excellent lawyers when filing your case. There are a number of legal companies and lawyers in Houston, Texas who can help you with your case; the following is a list of firms and lawyers in the state:

Williams Hart
Their team of truck accident lawyers are ready to take on your case and fight for you and all of your rights.

Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP
They are ready to offer their professional legal aid to the victims of truck accidents in Houston.

Simmons & Fletcher, P.C.
They offer a first free case review to the victims of truck accidents. They offer this opportunity so they can learn more about the accident.

The Stephens Law Firm
They understand how scary a truck accident can be, which is why they want to offer as much help as they can to the victims of this type of accident and help them seek justice.

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Should I speak with the insurance company by myself ? 

You shouldn't contact your insurance company on your own. This is because insurance companies routinely approach truck accident victims in an attempt to entice them into accepting low-ball compensation offers or pressure them into making remarks that can be used to blame them for the accident. If an insurance company contacts you, refer them to your truck accident attorney, and never sign anything without seeing a personal injury attorney first. The insurance company's interests are frequently compromised, leaving truck accident victims with little compensation and no justice for their bodily and/or mental impairments.

Do I need a lawyer for a truck accident ?

Whether or not you want a lawyer to investigate an automobile accident is totally up to you. If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, you have the right to seek compensation for damages. Even if trucking companies and their drivers are adequately insured, going up against them on their own could result in a dismal financial recovery. Irresponsible parties must be held accountable, and you should receive as much compensation as possible, which a personal injury attorney may be able to assist you with.

What does a truck accident lawyer do ?

Truck accident lawyers, often known as personal injury lawyers, are in charge of a wide range of responsibilities. They handle injury, property damage, and wrongful death cases involving trucks and heavy vehicles. Accident victims are provided with counseling, financial compensation, and legal representation. They manage every detail of the truck accident while you focus on your physical and mental recovery. They are the first responders, and their knowledge and expertise are invaluable in the aftermath of an accident.

How much is a truck accident case worth?

The severity of the accident determines the amount of compensation; no two truck accident cases are worth the same amount of money. A settlement could reimburse you for a range of damages, depending on the facts of your truck accident injury case. Serious and catastrophic truck incidents sometimes result in a larger settlement than minor collisions. A judge or jury may award additional money in cases of wrongful death or life-altering or severe physical harm. As a truck accident victim, you may be entitled to non-monetary, monetary, or compensatory damages, depending on the facts. When you speak with your truck accident lawyer, he or she will be able to provide you an estimate depending on your case.

Investigation and evidence in truck accident cases

Conducting an investigation into a car accident is difficult. Once your personal injury lawyer has all of the facts, they will launch an investigation to see if any safety regulations were violated by a driver or a company. To gather any proof of fault, investigators and professional consultants may be called to the accident scene.

Evidence includes the following:

  • Photographic evidence: An increasing number of trucking businesses are installing cameras in their cars that can be directed at the road, the driver, or both. If a truck is equipped with a camera, the footage can be used to determine if the driver is at fault.
  • Statements from people at the scene: ​​Witness accounts at the accident scene can be crucial in proving allegations, as they can testify to whether a truck driver drove hastily or forcefully, whether a part of the truck failed, or if anything unexpected occurred.
  • Electronic control modules: ECM’S also known as event data loggers, collect information on the truck's speed, whether the driver used brakes, and other facts in the moments preceding up to an accident.
  • Trucking businesses' records: All truck supervision and maintenance should be meticulously recorded by trucking companies. This piece of information might be very valuable if they do not follow specific safety rules.

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Types of truck accidents in Houston

In Houston, there are three main categories of truck accidents: negligence, inappropriate training, and inadequate vehicle maintenance. Fortunately, you and your case can be heard with the help of a Houston truck accident lawyer, and the individual responsible will be held accountable. The following are some of the most common truck collisions:

  • Head-on collision:
    When huge trucks collide with other vehicles, head-on. This sort of accident can be very serious due to the large size of trucks.
  • Jackknife collision:
    When trucks stop unexpectedly, their trailers flop out to a ninety-degree angle, causing jackknife accidents.
  • Blindspot collision:
    Blind spots are very common in trucks and are a common cause of accidents. This is when the driver loses sight of other nearby vehicles.
  • Rollover collision:
    When a truck driver loses control, the tractor-trailer might roll over, creating a hazard for other drivers on the road.

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Common causes of truck accidents in Houston

Unfortunately, there are many different sorts of truck accidents in Houston, most of which are caused by the driver's irresponsibility and have very serious repercussions. Some of the most prevalent causes of truck accidents in Houston are listed below:

  • Reckless driving
    Reckless driving is one of the most prevalent causes of vehicle accidents in the United States, but because trucks are over 20 times heavier than regular cars, the consequences are significantly more severe.
  • Driver distraction
    Accidents occur due to a lack of attention to the roadways, stop signs, and other vehicles in the area that may have been avoided.
  • Failure to obey traffic laws
    There are a number of limitations that apply to truck driving, and if some of the regulations are broken, serious accidents can occur.
  • Lack of truck driver training
    Driving an 80,000-pound truck is a difficult operation that needs specific training; if this training is not completed, serious consequences may result.

Common injuries caused in truck accidents in Houston

The severity of the injury is determined by the severity of the accident; yet, while you may escape with minor injuries, a critical wound is possible. Some of the most prevalent injuries are listed below:

  • Head trauma
    The most common cause of head injuries is a collision with a truck, although they can occur in practically any type of accident. Concussions account for the bulk of head injuries sustained in road accidents.
  • Back injuries
    While spinal cord injuries are among the most catastrophic, the back is also susceptible to damage to the bones and soft tissue, which can cause chronic pain and dysfunction.
  • Bone injuries
    Broken ribs, arms, legs, and practically any other part of the body can be broken in a truck accident.
  • Burns
    When a truck transports hazardous goods or when a truck accident results in a fire caused by diesel fuel or gasoline, burn injuries can occur. It is extremely important to follow all of the doctor's instructions regarding this type of injury in order to prevent an infection from occurring.

Forms of compensation for Houston truck accident victims

Houston truck accident victims may be eligible for a range of compensation options; after you meet with a Houston truck accident lawyer, they will be able to explain your options in detail.

  • Medical expenses
    All present and future medical expenditures resulting from the accident's trauma could be totally assumed. This can include the following types of costs: the costs of surgery (surgery related to the injuries caused by the accident), the costs of medication to relieve pain and treat injuries, the costs of therapy (emotional and/or physical), the cost of doctor's visits, among several others.
  • Property damage
    There can be property damage due to the truck accident. Sometimes these costs can be very high.
  • Wages lost
    If you or your loved one suffer from lost wages due to the accident and the injuries, you can seek compensation for the lost ones. No one should ever lose any wages due to an accident and a specialized personal injury lawyer will make sure of this.
  • Pain and suffering
    Following a truck accident, it is typical to have both bodily and mental agony, and you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering.

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How do I know if I have a valid truck accident case?

Victims of truck accidents have the right to file a compensation claim. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, it is critical to consult with a Houston truck accident lawyer so that the attorney can verify the case and proceed if the other party is found to be at fault.

The first step in proving the case is determining if the accident was caused by driver negligence, the employer's culpability, or a third party, such as the maintenance firm. To the truck driver lawyers in Houston, you are the most important individual. They will fight for you and your rights for the rest of your life. They will look into every element of the accident and conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine what caused it. They will determine whether or not you have a strong truck accident case once they have all of the relevant material.

What should I do after a truck accident?

If you've been in a truck accident, there are a few things you should do. The most important thing is to seek medical help so that any significant injuries may be diagnosed and treated, and you can be cleared. The next most critical step is to contact your insurance provider and gather any available proof, such as photographs, witness testimony, and a copy of the police report. You should gather all necessary facts before getting legal assistance from an expert truck accident lawyer so that they have everything they need to make a claim against the at-fault party.

When you meet with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer, they will lead you through each step of the process and take control, leaving you to focus on your physical and mental rehabilitation. Your health should always come first, and the attorneys' first priority is to help you get the most money possible.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, a Houston truck accident lawyer can help you understand your rights and how to protect them.

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