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In 2018, there were 6,283 deaths regarding accidents involving pedestrians. These accidents can result in some serious injuries due to the weight and the speed of a vehicle.

If you or your loved ones are involved in a pedestrian accident, you should seek a pedestrian accident lawyer in Houston so all injuries and damages are compensated. 

Your well-being is the most important aspect, and these specialized attorneys are here for you.

Pedestrians are very vulnerable compared to cars, trucks, motorcycles, among others, which is why they can be heavily injured in any type of accident because of the high risk they are exposed to. Pedestrian accident lawyers know everything about this sort of accident and are prepared to take on any cases and help victims find justice and high compensation.

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Legal firms and lawyers in Houston

Do I need a lawyer for a pedestrian accident?

How much is a pedestrian accident case worth?

Investigation and evidence

Common causes of pedestrian accidents in Houston

Forms of compensation

How do I know if I have a valid pedestrian accident case?

Legal firms and lawyers for pedestrian accidents in Houston

In Houston there is an increasingly alarming rate regarding pedestrian accidents due to their lack of pedestrian-friendly roads, increasing the probability of these accidents. Pedestrian accident attorneys specialize in this, which is why they have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you or your loved one get through this situation. Because of its high rates, there is a great number of specialized attorneys for these types of cases, like the following:

Sneed | Mitchell
If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, they have a team of personal injury lawyers to help you enforce.

Blass Law
Fighting for the rights of the victims of pedestrian accidents, they offer a free pedestrian accidents case evaluation.

Smith & Hassler
Let their experienced Houston personal injury lawyers take command of your case right from the start.

Sutliff & Stout
If you are injured both physically or emotionally, don’t hesitate to contact them and get a free, no-obligation review.

Should I speak with the insurance company by myself ? 

If an insurance company contacts you, direct them to your personal accident lawyer, and never sign anything without first consulting with a personal injury attorney. The interests of insurance companies are frequently distorted, leaving pedestrian accident victims with little compensation and little justice for their physical and mental injuries. In light of this, you should not contact your insurance company on your own. Because insurance firms frequently approach accident victims in the hopes of receiving a low-cost settlement or coercing them into making statements that will be used to blame them for the accident, this is the case.

Do I need a lawyer for a pedestrian accident ?

Irresponsible persons must be held accountable, and you should be compensated as much as possible, which a personal injury attorney may help with. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want a lawyer to investigate a pedestrian accident. You have the legal right to seek compensation for your injuries if you or a loved one was harmed in any sort of accident caused by someone else's fault. You may wind up with a disastrous financial result if you try to handle a vehicle accident case on your own.

What does a pedestrian accident lawyer do ?

Personal injury lawyers, or also known as pedestrian accident lawyers, are in charge of a number of duties. Accident victims are given financial assistance as well as legal representation in court. They are thorough in their investigation of the issue. They are the first responders, and their experience and knowledge are crucial in the aftermath of an accident. The following are some of the most common services:

  • Make contact with the other party's insurance provider. 
  • Ensure that the client's needs are addressed and that a high level of compensation is received. 
  • Obtain any information about the collision that is relevant. Obtain documentation of any injuries suffered.
  • Negotiate with the opposite side if possible to avoid going to court.

How much is a pedestrian accident case worth?

The amount of compensation is determined by the circumstances of the event; no pedestrian accidents are equal in value. Depending on the specifics of your pedestrian accident injury case, a payout could reimburse you for a variety of losses. A more serious pedestrian accident is more likely to result in a higher settlement than a small one. Depending on the facts, you may be entitled to non-financial, monetary, or compensatory damages as a pedestrian accident victim. Your specialized accident lawyer will be able to provide you an estimate depending on your case when you meet with them.

Investigation and evidence in pedestrian accident cases

It's difficult to conduct a pedestrian accident investigation. As soon as they get all of the facts, your personal injury lawyer will initiate an investigation to investigate the causes of the accident and gather all sorts of evidence. In order to collect any proof of fault, these investigations may include gathering numerous sorts of evidence as well as visits to the accident scene.

Evidence includes the following:

  • Witness statements: Because they speak from personal experience, witness testimony at the scene of an accident can be especially useful in establishing carelessness. These recommendations may assist you in obtaining the greatest possible salary.
  • Photographic evidence: This is critical, including footage from surrounding surveillance cameras, photographs taken by witnesses, and cameras.
  • Police report: After any type of accident, the police must be called immediately. They will likely be the first to arrive at the scene and they will do a police report full of details regarding the accident and the victims. 
  • Electronic control modules: Electronic control modules are devices that collect data from the moments leading up to an accident, such as speed, whether or not the driver applied the brakes, and other details. This applies if the pedestrian was injured by a car.

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Types of pedestrian accidents in Houston

Car accidents involving pedestrians can result in very serious consequences. Sadly, because Houston’s road is not completely pedestrian-friendly, accidents tend to occur often. The following are the most common types of pedestrian’s accidents:

  • Backing vehicle-pedestrian accident:
    If a vehicle is backing up and they do not check to see if anybody is behind the car, they can hit the pedestrian. Sometimes, this type of hit can be very rough if the driver was backing up at a high speed; resulting in very serious injuries to the pedestrian.
  • Crossroad accident:
    If a pedestrian is crossing the road, and a vehicle for some reason, passes over them, it results in a crossroad accident with serious injuries.
  • Accidents involving drunk drivers:
    Driving under the influence of alcohol causes the senses to be altered, and sometimes the driver might not even see the pedestrian and run him over.
  • Turn in an intersection accident:
    This involves different aspects like speeding, which can result in injuring a pedestrian severely because the driver does not see them due to the turn in an intersection.

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Common causes of pedestrian accidents in Houston

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately very common in Houston and they occur almost on a daily basis, resulting in injuries that scale from minor to severe. There are different causes of pedestrian accidents, the most common in Houston are the following:

  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving involves several activities like for example using a cellphone, and this can result in serious accidents. If a driver is distracted and not paying proper attention to the road, they can not see a pedestrian and can run the pedestrian over, causing serious injuries. 
  • Disobeying traffic signs: Traffic signs exist for a reason, and if they are ignored, pedestrians can be seriously injured because vehicles do not respect certain signs like a stop sign. 
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol:  Driving under the influence of alcohol causes the senses to be altered, which can result in a driver not seeing a pedestrian and passing them over. 
  • Reckless driving: Reckless driving is a very dangerous action, it involves speeding, disobeying traffic laws, and some others. This can result in a pedestrian accident due to driver negligence and human error.

Common injuries that pedestrians suffer in Houston

Car accidents involving pedestrians can be very serious, and sadly, pedestrians in Houston are very vulnerable to these types of situations and they can suffer minor to severe injuries. The most common injuries caused by car accidents in Houston are the following:

  • Broken bones
    If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, it can result in several broken bones all around the body.
  • Head trauma
    The impact of a car hitting a pedestrian, can result in head injuries due to the trauma, sometimes minimal but other times much more serious. 
  • Neck and back injuries
    The force of a hit by a car can affect sensible areas like the back and pain, sometimes it can be cured with pain meds, but other times the degree of the injury can be more serious.
  • Cuts and scrapes
    If you fall due to a car hitting you, you can bruise yourself with different cuts and scrapes all around the body..
  • Internal injuries
    If you suffer from a car accident, you can suffer from internal injuries, which are sometimes unnoticeable, highly increasing their risk. This is one of the many reasons why a visit to a hospital after an accident is a must; in order to rule out serious injuries.

Forms of compensation for Houston pedestrian accident victims

If you happen to be a victim of a pedestrian accident, it is very important that you seek counseling in order to have proper guidance during the entire process and make sure you will be fairly compensated for your either psychological and/or physical injuries. The most common forms of compensation are:

  • Lost wages
    In case of inability to work, wages that you or your family lost due to the consequences of the accident can be compensated. No one should ever lose any wages due to an accident and the injuries sustained that prevent you from following day-to-day activities.
  • Medical expenses
    All of the current and future medical bills related to the accident will be taken care of. This can include the costs of surgery, medications needed, doctor’s appointments, hospital stays, among others.
  • Property repairs
    In case of damage to a property and a repair job is required, it can be totally assumed
  • Pain and suffering
    Any type of emotional or psychological damage can be compensated. Sometimes, victims of pedestrian accidents can suffer from emotional damage, this type of injury must be treated accordingly and sadly can leave the victims with long-term emotional pain.

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How do I know if I have a valid pedestrian accident case?

If you are a victim of a pedestrian accident, legal actions must be done, which is why the first step is to seek a pedestrian accident lawyer in Houston so that they can evaluate the case and validate it.

To the personal injury lawyers of Houston, you are their number one priority and they will always seek compensation and fight for you and your rights, as well as fight for all of the injuries suffered, both physical and emotional. Pedestrian accidents can cause both emotional and physical damage and sometimes the victims of these accidents are too injured to proceed with a case, and that is why the lawyers are ready to aid you.

What should I do after a pedestrian accident?

There are a few things you should do if you've been in a pedestrian accident. The most important thing to do is seek medical attention so that any serious injuries can be diagnosed and treated correctly. Contacting your insurance provider and gathering any accessible proof, such as photographs, witness testimony, and a copy of the police report, is the next most important step. You should gather all essential information before getting legal aid from a qualified pedestrian accident attorney so that they have all they need to file a claim against the at-fault party.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer can help you to understand your rights and how to protect them.

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